We are engineers first and foremost.


Our firm has an “engineering first” culture. Whether we are designing a new product or service, maintaining or improving an existing one, or considering how to optimize and improve our own internal workflows, we are engineers and developers first.

Our engineering mindset begins with problem statements. We analyze and determine problems and endeavor to state them clearly. We then review those problem statements and advance solutions in the form of specification blueprints, code, diagrams or other.

These blueprints are then integrated into our company-wide agile management framework consisting of interlocking, 10-day length Technology Interations and Company Iterations.

Using this unique interlocking iterative framework, we collaboratively diagnose, design, build, ship, maintain and enhance complex systems every 10-days, in a highly agile, collaborative and rapid manner.

We employ the scaled agile release train framework and every team member is equipped with training on how we solve problems and our ‘engineering first’ mindset.