Lending as a Service, from white-label to full vertical integration

We help CAR-endowed financial institutions quickly stand-up turn-key, out of the box, lending-as-a-service solutions, from whitelabels to full risk sharing.

If your financial institution needs to jump to the front of the competitive queue and rapidly stand-up a customized digital lending product, we can help you with a turn-key solution in record time, whether you need to automate a single part of the process, or the whole process line.

From customer acquisition via our high-traffic consumer-facing marketplaces in Indonesia and the Philippines, to a battery of scoring, identity, verification, decisioning and champion/challenger models with risk-adjusted pricing – we have all the ingredients to quickly bring a product to market without compromising on process and risk.

We have both white-label as well as vertically-integrated solutions to choose from.

Our white-labelled solutions are fully functioning websites that are mobile responsive, with your financial institutions’ marketing and brand communication guidelines, and optional additional “block” components for scoring, identity and verification, and third-party data and service ingestion.

Our vertically-integrated solutions include optional risk sharing, which ensures that your and our incentives are aligned toward the highest quality portfolio with the most bespoke and considerate pricing.

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If you are a financial institution in Southeast Asia, we have data and case studies that will interest you. Please get in touch with us to learn more!

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