Financial access, from the comfort of their own devices

C88’s marketplace brands in Indonesia and the Philippines are high-traffic market-leaders offering a range of financial products for comparison and application.

We acquire tens of millions of customers, perform digital credit risk assessments of them, and provide risk-adjusted pricing and digital on-boarding solutions for bank and non-bank financial institutions.

    Indonesia’s leading financial marketplace.
    Philippines’ leading financial marketplace.

Our selling services are complimented by the workflow systems, risk management systems, digital onboarding systems, process automation, decision engines, document management, portfolio management methodologies, data management schemas, and integration options that produce a frictionless, cost-competitive and truly scalable channel solution.

We have considerable, sophisticated and proprietary software developed expressly for this purpose, both our own as well as with our partner, Experian.

We seek and obtain digital selling rights from our partner institutions, regulatory licenses where necessary, and other enablers to facilitate extremely large groups of digital customers to successfully apply for products like cards, loans and mortgages quickly and efficiently online.

Consumers get the best rate in our brands, can apply swiftly and benefit from total transparency. We partner with banks, multi-finance lenders, and fintech lenders to help them build digital as a competitive and scalable channel that dramatically reduces their costs of acquisition and underwriting.

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If you are a financial institution in Southeast Asia, we have data and case studies that will interest you. Please get in touch with us to learn more!

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