Simple, fast and fair online lending

C88 owns and operates PeramoKo, a digital neo-lender in the Philippines offering installment and salary loan solutions in both B2C and B2B2C verticals.

PeramoKo’s customers benefit from an inclusive credit solution with simple and easy-to-understand terms, and the convenience of a full digital process.

Digital lending innovation is often a double-edged sword. On the one hand, barriers to access are removed and with just a few clicks, an otherwise ineligible consumer can receive a credit facility. On the other hand, often times rates are expensive, there are hidden fees, and the consumer is not given a fair shake at understanding the fine print.

Between these two paths lies a middle way, in which rates and fees are tenor-matched with risk, and the risk level is transparently known.

While natural at emerging consumers without a track record of borrowing are riskier and therefore more priced, by making a commitment to walk down the interest rates over time as the score and track record is enhanced, a more equitable outcome can be achieved for all.

  • Pre-qualified offers
    Pre-qualified offers
    Clear risk assessment before offer
  • Scoring transparency
    Scoring transparency
    Score visibility to the borrower
  • Fast disbursal
    Fast disbursal
    Disbursement made quickly after approval
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