Starter digital credit cards

C88’s digital neo-lender in the Philippines, PeramoKo, issues starter credit cards in partnership with issuers for customers beginning their credit journey.

In partnership with licensed and accredited Philippine cards-issuers, PeramoKo has designed and is launching a new-to-credit card to address the needs to millions of emerging consumers.

One of the ironic truisms of emerging credit markets is that because of poorly-developed credit and bureau infrastructure, the issuance of formal credit is very limited.

This creates a sort of “walled garden” where to get a credit card, you need to have a credit card — a circular reference of sorts.

Leveraging our technology and customer-reach, our licensed Philippine lending brand PeramoKo partners with existing Philippine cards issuers to release “starter” digital cards to resolve this fundamental issue.

Now, potential cards holders have a way to responsibly enter the credit space, and after a year “on-book” with high quality, the customers then “up-qualify” for the bank’s own cards.

PeramoKo co-issued cards help those who are new to credit, start building credit with visibility and transparency.

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