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C88 is a leading data, analytics, decisioning and marketplaces company solving big problems in Southeast Asia.

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Who we are

Solving problems, championing access

We are privately-held technology company serving B2B, B2C and B2B2C financial and insurance customers in Southeast Asia with excellence in data, analytics, decisioning and marketplace distribution. We are committed to serving our retail and corporate clients with innovation and a champion spirit.


Indonesia’s first and largest financial and insurance marketplace, vertically integrated with credit scores. Helping millions of customers since 2014.


Serving the Indonesian financial services sector for over 15 years with excellence in data, analytics and decisioning.


The Philippines' first and largest financial and insurance marketplace, helping millions of customers since 2014.


Our innovative, paper-less, neo-lender manufacturers new credit inventory to meet the credit needs of the Philippine borrowing consumer.


Who we serve

We Commit People, Capital and Technology

We are serving customers, communities, financial institutions, insurers, asset managers and regulators.

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90 partners
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If you are a financial institution in Southeast Asia, we have data and case studies that will interest you. Please get in touch with us to learn more!

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