C88 Financial Technologies

Opening financial access to hundreds of millions of customers in Southeast Asia.

C88 Financial Technologies

We are a privately-held financial technology company in Southeast Asia. We design and build essential financial technology infrastructure, from market-leading financial marketplaces, to modern credit risk models and financially-specific AI solutions. We are licensed, vertically-integrated with over 90 financial institutions, and advance financial access to hundreds of millions of emerging consumers.

Who we are

Our Brands

Our brands are market-leading, high-traffic financial marketplaces with embedded credit risk underwriting that have served over 50 million customers since late 2013.

C88 - Championing financial access to the nations we serve.

Our financial marketplace brands have served over 50 million retail customers in Southeast Asia since 2013.

Our Brands

Financial distribution services

Our proprietary online-to-offline, multi-channel sales distribution networks are data-rich, price-effective and can underwrite and price retail risk at the point of sale.

What we do
Financial Marketplaces
Grow sales

Financial Marketplaces

Our proprietary digital sales network enables financial institutions to sell online.

Credit Risk Solutions
Assess and price risk

Scoring and Decisioning

We help credit and underwriting departments better understand retail risk.

Data and Analytics
Unlock decisions in data

Data and Analytics

Unlock game-changing insights and make better decisions with industry leading machine learning and big data solutions.

Software and Integrations
Powering financial institutions

Software and Integrations

Industry-leading Experian and C88 software, system and financial institution integrations that drive faster and more efficient processes.

We commit people, capital and technology

To championing financial access to the nations we serve. Fast-growing emerging markets require equitable access to essential credit, insurance and investment products to grow and save for the future.

Who we serve
50 million digital customers
We are the largest digital sales platform for financial, insurance and investment products in Southeast Asia.
20 % channel contribution
We pioneered digital sales for financial institutions in Southeast Asia. It now accounts for a fifth of many partners’ volume.
90 financial institution partners
Our firm is the leading provider of digital sales and data solutions to financial institutions in Southeast Asia.